Colorado rock and Americana band Lowfive is excited to launch into another year of music in 2020. Tiptoeing their way onto the Colorado music scene in 2017, Lowfive has slowly accrued new fans with each new gig as they circulated the breweries and coffeeshops of Boulder and beyond. Lowfive’s playful and melodic take on roots-rock and Americana is brought to life through lively vocals, traditional rock instrumentation, and an occasional horn section. Live shows consist of both original music and crowd favorite covers spanning classic rock, 80’s pop, and modern hits. Their original pieces draw on a similarly wide variety of influences, and are thoughtfully composed and instrumented to highlight the band’s musical strengths.

Lowfive’s first EP, Moving On, was released in February 2019 and is available wherever you find digital music. The band is excited about new [professional] recordings in the works for 2020.

Lowfive is comprised of five engineering grads who ditch their day jobs in favor of their rock and roll dreams: Chip Bollendonk (vocals, guitar), Claire Benjamin (vocals, piano), Ben Mow (guitar), Burke Larsen (drums), and Jeff Limbocker (bass, vocals). We write music like a folk band, play it like a rock band, and have a blast every step of the way.

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Moving On was recorded in Boulder, CO in January 2019. This self-recorded and self-produced EP is Lowfive's first, and contains five original songs. Moving On is available for download above, as well as available for streaming and purchase wherever you find digital music.