electronic press kit


Lowfive is a Colorado based five-piece band rooted in rock and Americana. The group leverages multi-part vocals, traditional rock instrumentation, and an occasional horn section to bring life to a wide variety of music. Lowfive writes music to suit their varied musical backgrounds, mixing influences from classic rock, 80’s pop, and modern hits. 

The band is excited to announce their first studio EP releasing in Spring 2022. You can find three singles from the release already streaming wherever you find digital music. The first single, All Good Things, is a song about helping loved ones navigate challenges with mental health and self-doubt, and wishing that they could see themselves the way others do. "I don't expect perfection from everything you touch // But I want you to believe that you're enough". Listen to All Good Things, along with "Seasons" and "Dreams" below!

Lowfive began with college roommates Chip Bollendonk (vocals, guitar) and Burke Larsen (drums). They met Claire Benjamin (vocals, piano) and Ben Mow (lead guitar, trumpet) in engineering grad school at CU Boulder, and formally founded the band in Fall 2017. Lowfive is excited to welcome Ben Gaubert (bass) to the lineup in 2021. Together, these five musicians are excited to bring their music and passion to stages around Colorado!


Lowfive released three singles in 2021, all recorded at The Keep studios in Denver, CO. Written and produced by Chip Bollendonk, engineered and mastered by Nick Sullivan at The Keep Recording. 


Stay tuned for the band's first studio EP, expected Spring 2022.

Moving On was recorded in Boulder, CO in January 2019. This self-recorded and self-produced EP is Lowfive's first, and contains five original songs. Moving On is available for download above, as well as available for streaming and purchase wherever you find digital music.