we're lowfive.

Lowfive began with college roommates Chip Bollendonk (vocals, guitar) and Burke Larsen (drums). Chip and Burke played only a small amount of music for several years, while dealing with the rigors of engineering school and appeasing apartment complex neighbors.


They met Claire Benjamin (vocals, piano) and Ben Mow (lead guitar, trumpet) in engineering grad school at CU Boulder, and formally founded Lowfive in Fall 2017. The band's first show was for a packed basement of friends in a South Boulder home. The band grew their fanbase through gigs around the breweries and coffeeshops of Boulder, and was eagerly anticipating a strong concert schedule in 2020.


With the onset of COVID-19, their venues became driveways and front yards across the North Metro area. However, this gave the band a unique opportunity to bring their music to a whole new audience (and type of stage!). The band is excited to return to the stage in 2021, and invites you to join them in celebrating the return of live music.

lead vocals, guitar

vocals, keyboard

guitar, trumpet

drums, vocals