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we're lowfive.

Lowfive began with college roommates Chip Bollendonk (vocals, guitar) and Burke Larsen (drums), who went to CU Boulder circa 2011-2017. Chip and Burke played only a small amount of music for several years, while dealing with engineering homework and appeasing apartment complex neighbors. It took finding a house with a concrete basement for the band to really take off...


They met Claire Benjamin (vocals, piano) and Ben Mow (lead guitar, trumpet) in grad school at CU Boulder, and formally founded Lowfive in Fall 2017. The band's first show was for a packed basement of friends in a South Boulder home, and they quickly expanded to bars & coffeeshops around the Boulder area. 2020 saw the band's first ticketed gigs in Denver, and since then the band regularly performs in a number of Denver and North Metro venues.

Ben Gaubert (bass) joined the lineup in 2021. He holds a PhD in climate science and is originally from France. 


Lowfive takes a personal approach to songwriting, rooted in the music each member grew up with (thanks mom & dad). Chip does the majority of songwriting, with each of the team bringing ideas, licks, and influence to every song. The band's first basement EP is still available for streaming online, with their first studio EP due out Spring 2023. This EP includes six songs recorded with Nick Sullivan at The Keep Recording in Denver, CO.

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